Breast Cancer Treatment in Panchkula

There are two basic types of surgeries to remove breast cancer: mastectomy and lumpectomy.

What is difference between lumpectomy and mastectomy?

Lumpectomy: The surgery in which only a part of breast is removed is called lumpectomy. This is also known as breast conserving procedure. This procedure is known by other names like segmental mastectomy, partial mastectomy in Panchkula, and quadrantectomy)

Mastectomy: This is a procedure in which entire breast is removed, sometimes with other nearby tissues. Sometimes women may have to undergo double mastectomy in which both breasts are removed.

Does a patient get to choose between lumpectomy and mastectomy?

It largely depends on the extent of disease. However, many women with early stage cancer can choose between breast conserving surgery and mastectomy in Chandigarh. The main advantage that comes associated with breast conserving surgery is that the patient gets to keep the breasts. For some women, mastectomy maybe a better option because of the type of breast cancer and size of tumor. Sometimes lumpectomy coupled with radiation. Hence the choice of procedure depends upon the extent of disease itself.

What is the recovery time after breast cancer surgery?

If no complications, the incisions should heal within a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes mastectomy is followed by immediate breast reconstruction but that doesn’t delay the time of healing for the patient.

What are the side effects after the breast cancer surgery

Like other surgical procedures for breast, breast cancer surgery can cause short-term pain and tenderness in the treatment area. Surgery that involves treatment of lymph nodes can cause swelling and pain in the arm, often described as lymphedema.

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